June 9, 2016



Joel Diaz
-World Champion, Professional Boxing Trainer, Trainer of the Year, HBO Latino Boxing Analyst

“I, Joel Diaz, have been a boxing trainer for more than ten years. I have known Mr. Julio Peña for more than eight years. I know he is a boxing manager and trainer. He has great work ethic and knows the boxing sport very well. He has always shown that he enjoys his job. Very respectful to everyone and hasn’t had any bad reputation to my knowledge. Julio is also a great conditioning trainer and knows how to prepare his fighters physically and mentally.”

Garet Rippere Sullivan

“Stopped in yesterday for my first boxing experience. What a surprise! Warm personal welcome, one-on-one session, attention to detail. I am hooked! Women…if you are looking for something beyond your typical gym workout try Thrive. You won’t be disappointed.”

Miguel Diaz
-Boxing Trainer & Cutman for Top Rank, Inc. 

“With having over 40 years experience in the boxing industry, I have met and worked with hundreds of boxing trainers, and without hesitation, I highly recommend Julio Peña as a boxing trainer. I have known Julio for about 20 years, worked with him in corners, at training camps, and he is always a professional. I was able to spend time with Julio for an extended period at Miguel Cotto’s training camp (preparing for his fight against Zab Judah). He has extensive knowledge about the sport of boxing, and the expertise to train fighters at any level. Any fighter would be lucky to call him ‘Coach.'”

Ian Komisar

“Couldn’t ask for a better coach! Julio Pena is the best of the best.”


“Our son’s changes since joining Thrive Boxing & MA Center have been life changing. We had been struggling with not only his behavior but his apathetic attitude in regards to his weight. At 13 years old and 280lbs the doctor told him that he was morbidly obese for his age and he would end up with diabetes if he did not make some life changes. As a very active family, his step father and I continued to try and push him into any type of physical activity in hopes that something would stick. He had zero interest in the typical school age activities – baseball, basketball, etc. He continued to talk about boxing. After a quick search of the internet I found that Thrive Boxing & MA center was the ONLY gym around that had boxing for teens. It was fate….his dad lived five minutes down the road. The weight was not the only issue as we had be dealing with the behavioral issue for many, many years. The diagnosis ran the gamut from ADD, OCD to defiant oppositional disorder. His step-father and I spent years and thousands of dollars on different therapies, assessments and even tried sending him to military school. Nothing was working and we were at the end of rope. After spending thousands and thousands of dollars finding and enrolling him in Thrive Boxing & MA Center has been the single best thing we have ever done for him. Seeing the change in him has been amazing and I cannot thank Julio and Kristy enough. I feel like with their interest and effort they have saved my son’s life and our relationship. The weight loss is secondary to finally having a very enjoyable kid to be around.

This really doesn’t express the gratitude that I feel for both of you and the work that you have done with Lance. As an athlete, I totally understand that he needs to have the interest in putting forth the effort. However, having coaches that you admire and respect makes a huge difference in that attitude especially for someone who was never interested in any physical activity at all.”


“I received a phone call after dropping my step son off at Thrive that he had severe pain on his side. (He had a kidney stone). When I arrived to pick him up, just about everyone, including Julio walked my step son outside to make sure he was all right. Thrive kept in touch with me on a regular basis to check up on my child. He truly enjoys the comradely experience of attending Thrive, and this is created through Julio’s leadership. This is not simply a workout gym, they care about those they serve…a rare find.

We simply cannot thank Thrive Boxing and Julio’s continued motivation. You have made ALL the difference. Our child went from a size 44 waist to a size 38 waist in one year. His confidence has soared, and his self-restraint is disciplined. Normally he is like any other teenager, getting bored easily and not being able to “stick with it.” Soon he will begin his 3rd year with Thrive and he has no intention of stopping.

Thank you for giving our son the tools to show him the the person we knew was always there. You changed his life…and ours.”


“My son has been a member at Thrive Boxing and Martial Arts for three years now. In this time he has improved his health, strength but most importantly his confidence. We couldn’t have imagined a better role model for my son other than Coach Pena. ”


“Thrive is a fantastic place to train. All-around great workout! My daughter and I have been members for about 5 years and, honestly, we feel like we are in the best shape of our lives. They have intense conditioning, boxing and kicking classes that will give you amazing results. Kristy and Julio are extremely knowledgeable. They truly care about you and work hard to help you achieve all your personal fitness goals. I highly recommend Thrive to any individuals interested in getting in shape, getting the most out of their workout and who want to stay fit and healthy. Give it a try–it will change your life!”