June 14, 2016

Jonathan Sola

trainerJonathan Sola is an energetic and highly motivated coach, and practitioner of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). He is currently a Brown Belt under the Drysdale Black Belt, Curt Cummings.

Jonathan is a former MMA fighter with over 10 years experience in the grappling arts. He was first introduced to BJJ by Alexander “Vaca” Moreno, a BJJ Black Belt and professional MMA fighter. Developing great respect for the discipline, Jonathan became a lifetime student. He is still an active competitor, and continues his quest for knowledge by training with some of the best practitioners in the region in order to provide the best possible instruction to his students. With great love and respect for the art, he pushes his students to be the best possible version of themselves , empowering them with the tools and techniques necessary to excel in both the sport, and life application of BJJ.